What is Homesharing???

so glad you asked!

HomeSharing is Taking a Property and renting it by the Bedroom.

By doing this, we provide affordable housing for

the working class.

Grab a free copy of our "10 Steps to HomeSharing" playbook to learn more below.

Grab our Playbook: "10 Steps to HomeSharing," to learn more about how HomeSharing Works!

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HomeShare Properties

co-living for the working class

Providing affordable housing while maximizing your profit.


our mission

To provide HomeSharing startup and co-living education, tools, and strategies to current landlords and beginners, who want to maximize their profits using their own rental property and other people's property. We exist to provide affordable housing options for the working class, while making sure our landlords and hosts see consistent, and significant cashflow.


our vision

To build community, by providing housing for not only individuals but also couples, single parents, and small families using our HomeSharing, model.


Our core values

Christian Morals: Our core foundation is Christ. We work to uphold Christ in everything that we do.

Fairness: People are the essence of our business. We aim to treat everyone fairly.

Self-Care: We can't serve others unless we are well. So self-care is a part of our daily routine.

Integrity: We will do the right thing, no matter who's watching or not watching.

Respect: We may not always agree, but we will always show our clients and one another respect.

Competence: We are confident in what we offer and amazing at it too. We believe in showing our competence in everything that we offer or we won't offer it.

THE Real estate SECRET I've discovered to maximize profit and minimize stress


In 2002, I began my journey as a real estate investor. I wholesaled, rehabbed, flipped, and held properties. It was a wild ride for a young, single woman with no kids. I bumped my head several times. But when the market crashed, your girl fell FLAT on her face! Like literally…the concrete and my face mashed together like mashed potatoes. And when I hit the ground, I HIT HARD!

That's when I knew I couldn’t do things the same way and expect different results. Albert Einstein says that’s the definition of INSANITY.

So I Pivoted!

Imagine what life will be like when you too have the success they've had!

Tolu HomeShare Student

“I tried to rent my rental property myself and my property sat empty for months. I decided to purchase HomeShare-in-a-Box and Yolanda had it ready and rented in two weeks!”


William Homeshare Student

“I Snoozed on the amount I could charge for rent. Yolanda and her team, literally took my rental income from $750/month to $3960. This is unheard of in the area my property is located!”


the value doesn't stop there, We want all of our clients to win!

Why You Want to Work with Us!

Gain confidence in knowing if your property will work for this model

Property Analysis

(Virtual Service)


We will virtually walk through your property with you, seeking out underutilized space. After we complete the walkthrough, we will schedule a follow-up video conference call to provide our property analysis report that includes our recommendations, a Cost Analysis to show you the approximate cost of what needs to be done to prepare your house, and the numbers to show you your potential profit and how quickly you will see your ROI if you work with us, and more.

We will give this to you and you can choose to go at it on your own or hire us to do it for you. Either way, you will have the reports that we generate for you as your game plan.

You are not alone



After you have gotten started with your HomeSharing property, you may desire us to hold your hand until you become more at ease, running things. Not to worry! We are here for you! We will be available for any questions via email M-F 10am-2pm EST. You can even schedule a Zoom meeting with us, if you prefer more personal contact.

Time is money

We Expedite Your Process


If you are the type who does not desire to waste time, then we can work with you to expedite your process. Let us help turn your non-HomeShare property into a turnkey HomeShare property.

Of course, you can do it without our help. Many have tried but their rooms (sometimes even their entire house) sits empty for way longer than desired. Don't let this happen to you!



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