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homeshare Consultation Package

Expedite your process as we hold your hand from staging to filling up your homeshare property.

Homeshare Consultation Package

A virtual Property Analysis Will Need to Be Completed in order to provide you with our best advice.

Stage Property

Automate Processes

Vet House members

Coach you on how to outsource the bulk of the management, with a sprinkle of self-management

In this Consultation Package, HomeShare Properties virtually walks with you in turning a rental property into a turnkey HomeSharing property.

After conducting a virtual property analysis with you, we will provide you with an itemized list of services needed for your property. Then, we will share what you need to Stage, Automate, and Fill the property with vetted house members.

We will ensure the property is HomeShare ready and watch the initial, vetted house members book and move into your house.

Bonus: We will stick around for the next 30 days should any questions, problems, issues arise that you need guidance with.

This is the fastest way to success as long as you do the work we advise.

Let Us Manage Your Property

we will be your reliable, on-time paying, clean house keeping tenant



Furnished Homes

you must agree to let us house your property by the room

We sign a 3-5 year lease with you

we pay you market rate rent for the area

we professionally clean your Property monthly

We Conduct Regular house and room inspections

As your property manager, we lease your property from you for 3-5 years, while paying you market rent for the area. In return, you permit us to turn your property into a HomeSharing property, booking (commonly known as "leasing" in a traditional rental sense) out your bedrooms.

We have your house professionally cleaned monthly on our dime, not yours. We keep our eyes on your property with rules in place such as not permitting guests, conducting periodic room inspections, and vet every house member thoroughly.

Now, a bad apple gets through the cracks every now and then. But we will deal with those situations as they arise.

Additionally, we address minor repairs caused by our house members (i.e, repair holes in the wall, replace a damaged doors, and more) that fall under a $150 threshold. We contact you for repairs that supersede our $150 threshold such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliances that you supply, etc.

If this sounds like a service that interests you, please give us a call to see if your property is a good fit for this model.

Note: Your property must yield a certain profit amount to qualify.

HomeShare Empire Course

Self-paced course for the D.I.Y.'er

Homeshare course

for the first 10 beta enrollments. the price will increase once we hit our mark.

Learn everything You need to know to get started HomeSharing

Private FB Group of like-minded HomeSharing Investors

Bi-weekly group Support calls

Self-paced. No Need to Rush

In this self-paced course, we show those who do not own rental properties of their own how to make rental income using other people’s property.

You will learn everything from finding the best type of property, how to approach landlords to rent their property, creating a HomeShare-ready property, vet house members, and manage the property. Once you’ve completed this course and done the work required, you will be on your way to maximizing your rental profits from other people's property (You Down With OPP?).


“My husband and I struggled getting $1200/month for rent. After ordering HomeShare-in-a-Box, we made $4200/month! ”




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